Tuesday, March 2, 2010

(Trends): 1 in 4 Users Running Google Chrome

Google Chrome is on fire. The latest snapshot from the exo.repository shows the nascent web browser running on nearly one out of every four (24.88%) PCs monitored by the exo.performance.network. This represents a 2 percentage point jump in a single week, and a nearly 7 percentage point jump since the beginning of the year.

Figure 1 – Web Browser Usage Share

Meanwhile, Internet Explorer use remains strong, with better than four out of five (80.56%) exo users running some version of IE during the course of the day. And despite headlines decrying the continued use of IE 6.0 in the enterprise, exo.performance.network contributors continue to walk on the cutting edge. Fully 85% of exo monitored Vista users are running Microsoft’s latest version, Internet Explorer 8.0, while nearly 72% of exo monitored Windows XP users are running the new browser.

Figure 2 – IE Versions – % of Users of Each Platform

Suddenly, organizations like Intel – with its slow burn adoption of new Windows and IE versions – look even more out of touch with the mainstream. And with Google and others cutting-off access to their sites for IE 6.0 users, our community of IT professionals and forward looking organizations is in excellent position to weather the storm.

Note: The above statistics were generated from the over 13 billion process records collected from the over 24,000 registered, active xpnet.com users. If you’d like more information about the exo.performance.network, including how to reproduce the above chart object on your own site or blog, please visit www.xpnet.com.


Wardy said...

This is a disturbingly large number when compared with other more general usage figures for Chrome (several independent sources with a much larger userbase than the exo.network peg Chrome at between 10% and 15%, for example http://www.w3schools.com/browsers/browsers_stats.asp and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Usage_share_of_web_browsers) - could it be that your pool of PC's from which you mine data is biased to a particular user type? And what ramifications would this have with regards to claims of memory usage in Windows 7 that you've been making?

Randall C. Kennedy said...


Our pool is absolutely biased to a particular user type: Tech savvy individuals who are also typically IT professionals. As for how this might impact memory consumption, there's no question that Chrome is a notoriously "fat" web browser - we documented as much over a year ago in this very blog (search the archives for "chrome" and "fat"). However, we have never tried to correlate the two - something perhaps we should look into.