Wednesday, September 9, 2009

IE Market Share Holding Steady in Enterprises

Surprise! Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is still the dominant web browser among enterprise users. After reviewing the latest browser usage statistics from the exo.repository, we found that over 80% of users at large IT organizations continue to use IE at least 4 hours a day, a result that contradicts the conventional wisdom that IE’s usage share is declining overall.

Figure 1 – Latest Browser Market Share Statistics

At the same time, the next most common browser, Firefox, is slowly creeping up on IE’s share, with nearly 50% of enterprise users now opting for the popular FOSS alternative. And though it’s a relative newcomer to the “browser wars,” Google’s Chrome is rapidly making inroads – our data shows that over 15% of users have at least tried one of the various Chrome beta or post-beta releases.

Note: The above statistics were generated from the over 6 billion process records collected from the nearly 20,000 registered, active users. If you’d like more information about the, please visit


Announcing the exo.charts Library

We’re pleased to announce the availability of our latest free service offering: The exo.charts library is a collection of dynamically updating chart objects that provide a targeted view into the contents of the exo.repository.

Figure 1 – a sample chart form the exo.charts library

For example, there are objects that track market share for popular software categories and others that expose trends in PC memory size and CPU architecture proliferation. The underlying summary data is updated weekly, ensuring that each chart object is displaying the very latest repository statistics.

We invite you to visit the exo.charts library where you’ll find samples of each available chart type as well as instructions on how to embed an exo.chart object into your own web site, blog or discussion forum. If you have any questions about the exo.charts service, please don’t hesitate to contact us at