Wednesday, February 10, 2010

IE 6.0 Use Plummets in the Enterprise

Like a hot coal fresh from the fire, enterprise IT organizations are dropping Microsoft’s buggy, insecure Internet Explorer 6.0 web browser as fast as they can.

Current data from the exo.repository shows a dramatic spike in IE 8.0 adoption, with over 70% of Windows XP systems – sampled from the’s IT-centric community of nearly 23,000 registered sites – now running Microsoft’s latest web browser. This compares to the less than 10% of XP systems that are still running the aging IE 6.0, and the roughly 20% who are stuck on the in-between version, IE 7.0.

Figure 1 – IE Version Share by Platform

The trend is even more pronounced when the focus shifts to PCs running the newer Windows Vista. Though it ships with IE 7.0 by default, over 80% of sampled Vista systems now sport Microsoft’s latest and greatest. Combined with the aforementioned XP numbers, it points to an aggressive adoption curve for IE 8.0 by enterprise IT organizations, many of whom are fearful of the gaping holes that its older sibling can introduce into their desktop security model.

These numbers also support Microsoft’s assertions that IE 8.0 has been well received by IT as well as usage data from web metrics companies, many of whom are reporting a surge in IE 8.0 traffic on the larger, public Internet and World Wide Web.

Note: The above statistics were generated from the over 6 billion system and process metrics records collected from the nearly 23,000 registered, active users. If you’d like more information about the, including how to reproduce the above chart object on your own site or blog, visit

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